” People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

Is this popular old cliche also located somewhere in our Constitution or within the mandates in the legislative lists compiled over the years by the lawmakers of our country? Look the other way has been adopted as a wise philosophy to adopt by some who don’t want to get involved any further than they already have, for various different reasons, in a diverse realm of controversial aspects of American life, as we know it today.

Should this cliche be allowed to consume a people with fear to the point of allowing it to prevent them from participating in affecting the neccessary changes needed to grow and flourish as a country, or block them from the perception needed to effectively accept the fact that changes to obsolete laws, belief systems, and maybe even society’s accepted standards, or our very culture itself might need to change from time to time in order to survive, let alone prevail in the world we live in?

Change in itself, embraced as an entity, instead of just a word or term used to desribe something different than now, is slow to catch on, gain momentum and actually happen, is customarily not received well by independants, conservatives, liberals, indifferents or any other groups you may care to mention, because the very mention of it insinuates that some other way, something else or another plan is needed, and that what currently is being implemented doesn’t measure up, is innaffective, or just plain isn’t working or not good a enough solution for the problem that exists; And this might step on somebody’s toes, open up a can of worms or create a little bit more work for someone to have to do.

If we’re on top, the only way left to go from there is down; If we’re on the bottom, the only way out of that dilehma is up; Sideways might be an option, or accepting the middle of the road, a place to languish for awhile; Nevertheless, change is gonna happen to us as Americans despite all of our combined efforts to prevent it; So while don’t we all just decide to embrace CHANGE, and get behind the steering wheel instead of going along for the ride.